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Alex Kutsishin, Founder

Communication and Marketing Strategist

12 years in business. First company I started when I was 19 which was a Physical Therapy business. It grew to be a $3 Million company, I sold my shares and started a marketing company. The marketing company will be celebrating it's 8 year anniversary in 2015. Then I Co founded a mobile development software company. I raised over $2 million and this software has generated users in more than 100 countries. Now it's time for the next great adventure.

Nicolo Massa

Marketing Strategist

Nicolo is one of the founding members of Emerging Entrepreneurs, an international entrepreneurs society. He was hand picked by an eight figure earner for his business savvy. This millionaire is now personally mentoring Nicolo. He dreams big and understands what it takes to grow a business. At 19 years of age Nicolo has earned himself the title of being a Superb Marketing Strategist.

What people say about human

"Alex's approach is so unique and unconventional. When he told me Becks Beer is the cornerstone of my marketing campaign I almost lost my mind. I've done more business in the last 8 months then I have done in the past 3 years."

— Rich BeckOwner of Beck Inspects

"Best weekend of sales in the history of the company! That's what it means to work with Alex and his team. All results no BS. Can I say BS?"

— Michael KruppOwner of Commonground Cafe

Commonground Cafe

How do you take a decade old Cafe and pump life and more revenue into it?

After just 3 months of working together Commonground celebrated its highest revenue weekend in the history of the company.

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Beck Inspects

What can a startup do to make in instant impact and stand out?

In less than a year Beck Inspects has grown over 1,000% and not one penny has been spent on traditional advertising.

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How can a local Real Estate Development company destroy it's competition?

The new brand gave Rockridge instant recognition as the best in the industry... the quality of the work and leadership had a lot to do with everyone believing they are the best.

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Hummingbird Manor

How can an Assisted Living home reach capacity in less than a year?

After 4 years in business Hummingbird only had 7 of the 14 rooms filled. We met in March of this year and now we only have 3 more rooms to fill until we are at capacity

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Rocks Realty

How can a small "fix and flip" real estate company build an investment fund?

In a short 3 months we helped Rocks Realty go from being a local "I buy homes for cash" company to building an investment fund of over half a million dollars and growing.

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Sticky Pitch

Can an idea transform the way you communicate?

We took what we know about the psychology of communication and decided to teach others how to make their words more sticky. The results were astounding.

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What's a company without a philosophy?

People do business with people not companies. So
let's do something human to kick off our relationship.

We believe in being human and building relationships with people. we start each relationship with a basic human gesture to get to know each other before we start doing business together. So lets grab Coffee, beer or burger and get to know each other.

We help startups and mature companies who are
unhappy with their growth. If that's you, let's talk.